Saturday, October 27, 2012

Shit Morons Say about loose dogs.

"Just let him run loose."

"I pay for this."

I am walking Grizzly at Cole Harbour Heritage Park and run into some mooks. It hasn't been that bad lately, it has been colder than usual. Today was beautiful unfortunately and the park was full of people. Well, unfortunate that an inordinate amount of mooks were out.

As we came to a section where some trails merge along trots a bulldog carrying a big branch. He looke dlike he was enjoying his walk. The own was a blonde twit. She was about 30+ feet away mooking about on her cell phone and not really paying attention to her dog.

We were about 15 feet from her dog. It wasn't heading our way. So, I decided to bite the bullet and keep my mouth shut. No shouting at the mook. No snarky comments. Just ignore it.

The mook decided she should speak up. she started telling me that I should let my dog loose. I stayed polite and said "That ok. I would rather not." Her dog showed more sense than she has and continue up the other path. She decided to stop and say "Just let him run loose. I am sure he will come back."

Showing restraint I wasn't sure I had I smiled and replied. "That's ok. I am pretty sure he would take off. Plus he doesn't get along well with other (large) dogs."

Instead of continuing on and just letting it go she reiterated "You should just let him loose."

I had enough at that oint and had gone above and behind being polite. I gave her a dirty look and snarled. "If I wanted to let my dog loose I wouldn't have taken him to an ON LEASH PARK. I bring him here so we won't run into loose dogs. Unfortunately a lot of fucking idiots come here and let their dogs loose."

She finally saw the light, gave me a dirty look, and stomped off after her dog. Her story doesn't end there though.

When I got back to the parking lot a Park Warden was there. He was cleaning up the parking lot area. We ended up chatting for a while. I mentioned running into the bimbo with the bulldog. He shook his head and said that he had a talk with her about letting her dog loose on the opposite side of the hill I encountered her on.

The dog was running loose and he reminded her, in front of a sign saying it, that it was an on leash park. Department of Natural Resources does patrol it and she can be fined $165 if they see her with her dog loose. She ended up putting her dog back on leash, going over the crest of the hill and the letting it loose again. That is when I met her. Fucking mook.

But the story doesn't end there. I got to see the Warden in action with another dog mook. A couple got out of their truck with a Lab. They had a ball thrower with them. The Warden was very polite with them. He said he noticed the thrower and wanted to let them know this was an on leash park. Department of Natural Resources does patrol it and they can issue a fine of  $165 to someone with a loose dog.

What was the guys reaction? To ask if DNR was in the park right now. The Warden said he wasn't going to confirm or deny if they were there now. (Good answer. The fucking mook actually thought he would tell him.)  Then he said "Well I guess we will go to Shubie."  The Warden thanked him.

As the guy was leaving he pulled up beside the Warden and started chirping. "My tax dollars at work."

The Warden replied "Actually, we (the Wardens) are volunteers. We don't get paid for maintaining the park."

The mook snarled "Well I pay."

I said "So do I. Want to step out and debate who is in the right here?"

He stomped on the gas and gave the finger and drove off. Such an  eloquent asshole.

Fucking mooks.

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