Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Motormouth - Racist Ramblings

A few weeks ago we were at work. Sarge, Donny, and myself were there from our department. Motormouth, Blair (one of the deaf guys), and J-Man from their department. Motormouth was his usual self, talking nonsense. Half way through he really started putting his foot in his mouth, and coming off as a racist fucktard.

Blair wadded a bunch of tissue up into a ball and looked at MM. "You need to shut up and work or I will stuff this in your mouth." Sadly, the deaf workers have repeatedly had to tell MM to shut up because he talks to much. As I have said elsewhere, if deaf people complain you talk to much then you have a problem.

MM ignored it. I almost said as usual but sometimes he gets mouthy with them, as he does with others who complain about his constant chatter. And the chatter does affect his productivity. He doesn't multi-task well.

Blair tossed the wad of tissue and Sarge caught it. HE took a couple of pieces of tissue in his ears and sighed in relief. Some of the tissue went on his shoulders. It kind of looked like the back of a Foreign Legion cap, a kepi, with the sun guard for the neck. That is when Motormouth started digging himself a hole.

He looked at Sarge and said "You look like a camel jockey with one of them camel jockey hats on."

Sarge looked at him incredulously and said "What did you just call me?"

"I didn't call you a camel jockey!" Motormout stammered "I am just saying ... I bet you have one of those hats in your closet."

We were all pretty much stunned by that. Motormouth did what he does best when there is any silence and kept running his mouth off.

"I am not saying you are a camel jockey. I am just saying I bet you have one of those hats."

"You are pretty much calling him a camel jockey MM." J-Man said.

"No I'm not. I'm just saying I bet he has one of those hats."

I could keep typing how this conversation went but it would be very repetative. For the next 5-7 minutes Motormouth kept saying the same thing "I'm not saying he is .... but ...". A couple of us tried explaining to him that most people would interpret that as calling them a racial slur. He kept denying it was one while saying the same thing. "I'm not saying he is one ... I am just saying I bet he has the hat in his closet." He just didn't get it even when it was explained in words that a child could understand.

Finally MM decided to change the topic as this was just pissing everyone off. He looked at me and said "Do you know what a Spic is?"

I couldn't believe that THIS is the direction he would go. I glared at him and said "Yes. It is what a racist calls a Hispanic person. "

I guess he wasn't expecting that answer. He did his job for about a whole, oh, 10 seconds before looking at me and said "Did you know that during the war we called Germans Krauts?".

I gave him a dirty look and said "Did you know that my Father's family came from Germany?"

That seemed to get through to him and he went back to doing his job for a couple of minutes before heading off on another, non-racist, tangent.


  1. Jeez, what an idiot. You wonder how he makes it out the front door without fucking up.

  2. He usually doesn't. Sometimes his ramblings are amusing. sometimes they are annoying. Sometimes they are just this fucktardic.