Monday, July 9, 2012

What the ... Tardy Tard?!?!?

I am usually anywhere from 30-60 minutes early for work. I like being early because it gives me the time to relax, drink my coffee, read the paper, and find out what is going on at work.

I have always hated being late. You will hear me say that I would rather be 30 minutes early instead of 30 seconds late. That was part of who I am before I went to Korea. Most jobs I worked at in Korea added to that because they wanted you there an hour before you started teaching. Which was fine by me.

When it came to Korea that early arrival was great. It allowed me to make sure I was ready for my classes. I had the time to make sure I was up to date on my email. I could even read the news. Most jobs wanted us there early any way. Damn, I am digressing again.

What has this got to do with work now? A lot. Really.

One of my co-workers is habitually late. (One of several who have that problem.) He will show up a couple of minutes before start time (or later) and not get to where he is supposed to be until after he should have been there. That pisses me off.  Just because you clocked in on time doesn't mean you are on time. On time means you are where you are supposed to be when you are supposed to be. Not just clocked in.

Last Monday this guy, what a guy this guy, had the balls to say something to me that PISSED me off. He is a nice guy. Funny and friendly but usually tardy. He asked me what time I got in (40 minutes before my shift start) and when I told him he had the temerity to say "You make us look bad."

He was half joking. maybe a quarter joking. It PISSED me off though. The day before his lateness left me fucked over. And he has the balls to say that I make him, and others look bad?

I looked him in the eye, rudely pointed a finger at him, and snarled "You make yourself look bad. You don't need my help." He caught on to my pissed offedness (Pissed offedness is now a real word/phrase.) and started back pedalling and making excuses as fast as Anonyjohn. He was joking. It was meant in jest. Too fucking bad. I was serious.

I am so tired of working with people who are late all the time. You wonder why you don't get ahead at work? That is why. You wonder why people know they can't count on you? That is why.

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