Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Facebook on my smart phone.

While I owned a cell phone when I lived in South Korea I had never owned one in Canada. That is until last fall. I got one, an LG Phoenix, because I wanted work to be able to get a hold of me whenever they need me for extra shifts. What can I say, I like all the money I can get. :)

A month or so after getting it I made the mistake of hooking up Facebook on it. Why was that a mistake you ask? There are a couple of reasons.

First, the spam. For some insane reason whenever someone likes, comments on, posts on, links to, or does anything else that involves my Facebook account I get TWO, not one but TWO, messages sent to my smart phone. They don't clear until you load each of them separately. It is a huge pain in the ass. I don't use Facebook all that much to begin with and shit like this makes me want to use it even less.

Secondly, when someone would send a request, like a friend request, and I view it on my phone it would not show up the next time I logged on Facebook. Which makes me shake my head in amazement because the stuff that appeared in my first reason would STILL be visible the next time I went on Facebook. Considering how hectic life can get I would see a request on the smart phone and decide to look at it more in depth when I got home. when I got home it would slip my mind and logging onto Facebook there would be no highlighted request because I had viewed it on my phone.

All in all it wasn't worth having Facebook on my phone. So I removed it today and it will not be missed. Of course, removing it from your phone isn't enough. You must go into Facebook's settings and remove it from there too.

I do expect some form of stupidity to continue due to Android. I don't have twitter nor do I want it. Yet every time there is an update android tries forcing me to install twitter. I expect this stupidity to happen with Facebook now.

And it already started. Since initially writing this around noon on July 3rd I shut my phone off. When I turned it on Android was once again urging me to update twitter and facebook. Since they aren't installed it wouldn't REALLY be updating them now would it?


  1. Thanx for the warning. If I ever get one of those phones, I know what to avoid.

  2. I wish I hadn't wasted the time installing the app.