Wednesday, July 4, 2012

What the ... Facebook ad?

Ah Facebook, you provide almost as much entertainment as the KKKluckers at Korean Sentry. I don't usually waste my time looking at the right side of my main Facebook page. It is where they stuff ads.

For some reason I glanced at it today and had to chuckle. Out of 7 ads 5 of them were for some kind of dating site. The one I found the most insulting yet funny was one for

Evidently, Facebook considers someone in their mid 40's to be a senior. Add to that the fact you are single and BINGO, perfect target for a site to help oldsters hook up with youngsters or other oldsters. That is what happens when Facebook trolls your information to use for targeted advertising.

I remember a friend complaining about being banned from sending friend requests a year or so ago. The message Facebook sent him contained something about Facebook not being used as a site for finding dates. Of course that doesn't apply to Facebook forcing ads for dating sites on you.

Thanks Facebook. Keep up the bad work. :)


  1. I get the same fucking ads. Not ads for fucking, but... well, you know.
    : )
    Anyway, the ones that kill me are for dating sites with the headline "No men under 40 allowed." Accompanied by a picture of some big-breasted bimbo. as if some hottie'd settle for a fat, bald old man like me.

  2. I hear you. I love how Facebook refers to them as "sponsors" and not advertisers.