Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Facebook Follies

As I mentioned in a previous post, the Facebook ads targeting me are almost as amusing as the KKKluckers over at Korean Sentry. They tend to be dating related. Whether a dating site. Dating aids. Shit like that.

It isn't just the ads per se that remind me of the KKKluckers. The HORRIBLE English also reminds me of idiots like Herr Consoleman. Just look at the screen snap I took of three ads.

The first one is for dating aids. A dating technique site that allow you to "Get Laid Any Woman!" Or is it? I followed the URL to find that the English in the ad is SO BAD that what you would think is some sort of dating technique site is really a fashion and beauty site. What a fucking let down. :)

Then there is D.I.Y Solar Panels. I don't know if the woman turned her tits into solar panels if not what the fuck is she doing in the ad? I went to the URL provided and it really is for a company to buy solar panels from in Australia.

Then there is Give Single Moms A Chance. The English isn't as bad as the first ad. In fact it isn't bad at all. It is just an ad that OFTEN pops up.

Oh Facebook, you really suck at times. :)


  1. Hey!
    I get the same ads!
    One of the most recent ads features a woman with tits so big I figure it must be for headlights or some other car accessories.
    : P

  2. Heh. I think I have seen that one. Although I thought it was an ad for personal flotation devices. ;)