Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A Message for the CBC

CBC, we need to talk. Your reporting can be maddening at times. I can understand when news organizations from other countries screw up talking about Canada but you have no excuse.

Case in point, your story today about how gas prices jumped up overnight all across Canada. If Canada consisted of Ontario and Quebec you would be right. Luckily, or rather unfortunately for you, there is a lot more to Canada. Gas prices went up in Nova Scotia LAST FRIDAY. They went up in New Brunswick LAST THURSDAY. Not last night.

It does seem at times like you think the Eastern part of Canada ends at Quebec. Especially when your weather reports talk about the weather in the East and then proceed to yammer on about Ontario. Last I heard Ontario is in the central part of Canada. Probably part of the reason why you think the country revolves around Ontario.

Oh and saying you were talking about the Eastern half of Canada doesn't cut the mustard when you only talk about Ontario and Quebec.

CBC I do prefer your reporting over other stations but when you ignore the actual Eastern part of Canada it makes your reporting seem shoddy. It makes you seem somewhat like The Korea Times. What is next? Reports on E.T. graveyards in Nunavut? Of course not. It would have to be in Ontario if you were reporting on it.

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