Tuesday, April 3, 2012

What the ... TrUcktard?!?!?

"You fat fuck ..."

"Have another cheeseburger fatso ...."

Pick any variation of a taunt for someone who is over weight and you have a lot of barbs left by trolling fucktards on YouTube against anyone overweight they are targeting. Myself included.

The latest comment I saw just left me shaking my head at the stupidity of the TrUcktard. His comment was two sentences. One calling me a fat fuck. The second saying it is obvious I am wrong. Obvious because I am fat? Or a lot fatter in the video he was "commenting" on? It is as if they believe that calling me fat negates everything I said. It must be interesting in their world. Scary too.

Using myself as an example, if someone doesn't care enough and allows themself to become morbidly obese why would anything some anonymous internet tough guy say matters? It wouldn't. People in their life that they actually care about have probably said stuff about their weight. If that doesn't get through or bother them the TrUcktards comments would mean next to nothing. Or even less. Internet tough guys, anonymously brave. In real life they usually keep their mouth shut or just mutter under their breath because they don't have the cajones to speak up. Unless drunk.

The latest twat reminds me of a drunken moron I had to deal with at work. We had closed for the night. About 10 minutes after he started pounding on the door and shouting that he needed in. He demanded to use the phone.

I told him "Sorry. We are closed."

"I need to use your fucking phone. Let me in!"

Once again "Sorry we are closed."

He demanded to be let in again to use the phone. I knew he probably wanted to call a taxi, it was a cold winter night. Just as I was about to say "Want me to call a cab for you?" the asshat shouted:

"Have you always been that fucking fat?"

My answer was quick and to the point. "No, I used to be fatter."

That seemed to deflate the idiot. He got a stunned look on his face. It was the last thing he expected to hear. After a few seconds of silence he started in again. "Have you always been that fat and stupid?"

"Buddy, I am not the one who left without calling a cab. And I am not the one who decided to be insulting when I should have been polite. Who's stupid?"

This just egged him on. Yes, I was kind of bored waiting for the all clear call and he was providing some entertainment much like his cousin the internet asshole. My reply spurred him on to more vitriol and starting to make threats of physical violence. My laughing at his threats didn't calm him down either.

I got the all clear call and said "Thanks for the laughs. I have to go. Enjoy the cold."

He wailed "Call me a cab!!!!"

I replied with a smirk "You are a cab." and walked away.

But I digress. Trolling fucktards abound on the internet. Sometimes you just have to use them as a form of entertainment.

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