Thursday, April 12, 2012

Rant: Dog Mooks

I am sick and fucking tired of the fucking dog mooks that inhabit this city. Their sense of entitlement is equal to if not greater than that of the worst adjossi or adjumma in SoKo. Is it so hard for these fucktards to keep their dogs on a leash at an ON LEASH park? Evidently it is.

I had Grizzly out for a well deserved walk after work. In 20 minutes we ran into 6 people with dogs. Only ONE had their dog on a leash, and she was running into the same DoOoks I was.

The first moron we encountered was some bimbo with a dog half the size of mine. Of course he was off leash. She was about 35-40 feet away when I warned her that my dog is aggressive/defensive on leash and a bit head shy. She acknowledged that and made absolutely no attempt to stop her dog from running up. I warned her again. Nothing. Her dog ran up and then tried to go under mine and of course he flew at it. THEN she freaked and got her ass over and leashed her dog.

I told her that if there were any bites it was her problem. She was warned and didn't keep her dog away. In fact the dog should NOT have been off leash. She started getting a little lippy which pissed me off even more.

I said "Listen you stupid cunt. I warned you in PLENTY of time for you to leash your dog. You did NOTHING. You stood there like a stunned bunny. I warned you again and you did nothing. It wasn't until your dog was in trouble that you finally moved your fat ass and did something. If you had your dog on a leash like you were supposed to this would NEVER have happened."

She whined about my language and I stopped her. "Do you actually understand why I am pissed off?"

She replied "Yes."

I retorted "Well, I warned you twice what would happen and you didn't understand that. I call you a stupid cunt and now you do. I guess I should have used that language first and the incident wouldn't have happened. Let's call animal control or the RCMP and report what happened and see who gets in trouble."

She chirped a bit and left in a huff.

About 4-5 minutes later we encounter ... another DoOok. This one with two chocolate labs running loose. She saw us at the same time, from about 25 feet or so away. This one had some brains because she immediately leashed her dogs. I thanked her for doing that and explained my dogs issues. She wasn't so bad but still a bit of a mook.

Then we run into the only other person who had their dog on a leash when we met them. I have met her before, and she ALWAYS used the leash at this park. Her dog is like Grizzly. Which is WHY we take them to on leash parks where they SHOULDN'T run into loose dogs.

After that I ran into a mook with a lone mutt running loose. It took a few words for him to get his dog on a leash.

At that point I gave up. Grizzly was extremely agitated because of the loose dogs coming at him. We turned around and headed back to the parking lot.

Then we ran into yet another mook. This one with with 2 labs, one black the other yellow, running loose. He was a distance away and I was able to avoid Grizzly seeing them.

As I got him into the car another couple of mooks with 3 dogs running loose walked into the parking lot. One his dogs actually ran up to my car, where Grizzly was inside, yapping and snarling. I told one of the mooks that if the dog touched my car they would be springing for a new paint job. They leashed their dog and sulked off to their car.

All in all it was the worst outing ever. Because of these fucktards who don't understand that the on leash rule actually applies to them. We should be able to cock punch these morons, and have their pets taken away.


I wrote this Monday afternoon right after I got home from walking the dog. It was fresh in my mind and I was PISSED. Uber pissed. I never posted it because I try not to post things I write in anger. I would rather calm down then come back and look at it.

Having left it for a few days, and in each one of those days had problems with Dog Mooks I decided it wasn't too harsh to post. So I posted it today.

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