Tuesday, April 17, 2012

What the ... pretentious prattling?!?!?

Looking around the web for Cheese Curds Burgers menu I came across a few review sites. I had to shake my head at how pretentious some of those criticizing the restaurant were.

One of the most common retorts from these people was along this line;

"In the end we realized that we could do the same thing at home, only better and probably in the same 30 minutes it took us to work through the line."

Then stay the fuck home. These people remind me of the foodie wannabe's that flock to Ramsay's restaurant when he does the F Word. You have dishes that Ramsay feels are spot on yet these foodtards find fault with them. When they have Ramsay's experience I will pay attention to what they have to say. Until then ... meh.

Then you had those who would start off with a comment like this;

"Honestly, I so wanted to like this place!!! "

With all due respect, I don't believe you. Mainly because you are using code language. It is like using the term "With all due respect ..." It usually really means the speaker has no respect for you. Using it is a way of trying to make yourself look good while slagging someone off.

I understand people not liking something and wanting to complain about it. Why do you think I started to blog? :) But when it is that pretentious it just reinforces my faith in the stupidity of people. And entertains me.

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