Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Cheese Curds Burgers

A gourmet burger restaurant opened up in Dartmouth, Cheese Curds Burgers and Poutinerie. I have heard a LOT of good things about it but never managed to go there ... until today.

They have a large selection of gourmet burgers and toppings. (Here is a link to their menu.) The amount of toppings available is too large for me to remember. They have the standards (onion, dill pickle, etc) and a lot unusual ones (liked caramelized pineapple). Everything is fresh and your food is made to order.

I treated my mother to lunch from there today. My mother opted for just the basic Angus burger. I went for the TNT Spicy Burger combo. Plus we got an order of onion rings to split.

The TNT Spicy burger didn't disappoint. It is topped with hot pepperoni, fried jalapeƱo pepper rings, jack cheese and chipotle mayo. I had dill pickle and onion added to it.

It was nice and spicy but not over powering. You could taste all the ingredients. Four hours has passed since I ate it and I can still taste it, in a good way. :) Hell, I am still full!

Unfortunately, I didn't have room for the fries. I ate a couple and they were good.

The onion rings were great. They actually didn't survive the drive home. :)

Great food and service. I shall return!

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