Monday, September 21, 2015

What the ... Spoofer?!?!?

I feel sorry for the person that really owns and uses 1-902-435-5731. Some asshole is spoofing it as their number to make badly thought out scam calls from.

I had a call from that number tonight info and because it seemed local I answered it. What I got was a recorded spiel about them calling for Air Canada (fuck off asshole) with a great deal for me. You had the choice of hitting 1 for more of their craptastic bullshit or 2 to be put on their do not call list. More BS from scammers.

I hit 1 to shout at someone. I mean I hit 1 to see what would happen.

Someone with a horrible East Indian accent immediately started pushing their scam. They understood enough English to hang up after my 3rd fuck off. Fucking morons.

When I traced the number online it showed up as a real number here. Damn I feel sorry for that person. They must get a lot of hate calls because of the assholes spoofing them.

Fucking scamming assholes. Next time they call I am going to play with them. :)

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