Thursday, September 17, 2015

It Follows

Tonight is a Port night and I am watching It Follows.

It opens with ... bitch running away from anything in heels is just stupid ... a woman running away from something. Ditch the heels and pick up some speed! But I digress.

So she runs back into the house she ran out of and runs back out and into her car. I am starting to feel bored already.

Sitting at the beach with her car lights ... holy shit that is one contorted corpse!

And now on to the main character.

"How cool would it be to have your whole life ahead of you." Nice.

Sex in a car to strapped out of it in a chair. Strange.

So he fucked her and this thing that has been following him will now follow her. The title makes sense all of a sudden.

"Sleep with someone as soon as you can. If it kills you it will come after me." Damn. Self serving and still ... damn.

And she starts seeing things ... or people.

Interesting premise.

Damn. This isn't just some fucked up game.

It has me watching. It has me thinking. It has me engaged in the movie.


So she fucked someone else ... who lives across the street. And it is after him. Which means it will then come for her.

And it does.

Really? It bleeds?

And she passes it on ... and he looks for a hooker. :)

Not bad. It makes you think and is worth a watch.

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