Monday, September 21, 2015

Star Trek 2: Reboot Boogaloo.

I watched the reboot of Star Trek for the first time since it came out in 2009. I saw it in a theatre in South Korea then. It was a good action movie, unfortunately, I was just so tired of reboots then that I wished they did something original. That tainted my enjoyment of it. If I hadn't seen all the Star Trek stuff before it I probably would have enjoyed it But I had. And it tried to be original but wasn't yet was. I would have preferred they just started off with new people and a new idea. so I didn't like it ... then.

I watched it on Showcase last week and saw it in a new light, 6 years later. I judged it on it's own merits and liked it. This time I was able to hold back my distaste for reboots and watch it.

Now I am watching the 2nd movie in the reboot series. It starts off right. Kirk ignoring the Prime Directive and Spock wanting to abide by it. :)

Once again my distaste for reboots started rearing its ugly head. Or noble head depending on how much you like reboots. They did the reboot shit in the first movie. They set a new path. Why bother rebooting more stuff? Take a new direction.

Yet, I am still enjoying the movie. :)

Kirk breaks the Prime Directive. Nothing new. He gets sent back to Starfleet Academy? Something new.

I am almost 20 minutes into the movie but I find my old prejudices about reboots coming out. WTF? There goes London! What?!?!?

Kirk drinking whiskey and listening to the blues? I can relate to that. :) Feeling better about the movie.

Interesting twist. Kirk back as 1st Officer.

"Where I come from if someone saves you don't stab them in the back." Well said.

And when assembled Kirk is right yet again. :)

Damn Pike is all kinds of fucked up. Much like the original show.

No Spock don't do it. Do it. Don't do it. Do it. Fuck, you did it.

Ok Pike is more fucked up than the original.

Interesting turn of events but it is still just a reboot of Kirk vs Khan.

God damn! Section 31!!!!

The crew interaction is damn good. And Wallis (or Wallace) is the next Kirk Conquest and betrayal.

Damn he accepted Scott's resignation!!!???

I am really liking this ... reboot. Damn!?!?!?

"Ears burning?" Heh.

Put on a red shirt? Fuck! That is consigning Chekov to death! A red shirt. Damn! It is a reboot so they could kill him off. Will they?!?!?

Ok, hot blonde Science Officer Kirk wants to shtup is definitely Section 31. And up to no good.

Go get her Spock! Dr. Marcus?!?!? Wait ... rebooooooooooooot!
Heh heh heh ... new Chekov. :)

New Sulu is good but damn George Takei is better!!!!!!!

Is Kirk picking off Section 31 people?

"Mr. Sulu. Remind me to never piss you off." HAHAHAHAHA!!!

The chase scene reminds me of the Falcon in Star Wars. DAMN!!!

Go Uhuru!!!!

No one wants the wrath of Uhuru! Not even the Klingons! Ok didn't see that coming.

Or that. Or the helo sort of rappeling thing.

Spock lied!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Quite the surrender.

I like the Spock-Uhuru thing. :)

23174611 ... I am waiting.

"I can give you 72 and they are aboard your ship." Damn!

"Are you out of your corn fed mind?" Heh :)

"I once performed a C-section on a pregnant Gorn." HAHAHAHAH!!!!

Go Jim Go!!!!!!!!!


What the reverse!?!?!?

Oh yeah ... Spock is pissed! KHANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

God damn what a twist!!!!!

I like it!!!!

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