Thursday, September 10, 2015

Kingsman: The Secret Service

Tonight I am sipping 40 Creek and watching Kingsman: The Secret Service. Off the bat I can't remember if it is an action movie or a comedy. Or an actomedy a la Get Smart.

Nice opening. A ghetto blaster in 97. I used to own a blaster that looked like that ... in the 80's. :)

Interesting start to the movie. The sacrifice for Queen and Country.

Ah ... the kid is a legacy.

And now back to the future which is the present.

Nice action scene. And there is Scotch. Mmmmm. 1962 Dalmore. It would be a pity to spill any. :) Ok ... this is all kinds of fucked up. But it works. Sort of. Kind of. Maybe. Yeah, it does because Samuel L "Mother Fucking" Jackson is in the movie!

One of the things I love about Samuel L. Jackson is that he isn't afraid to take on the role of a bad guy.

Ok, back to the movie. 11:51 in and it is interesting. The ground work has been set. You know the kid is going to be the next Kingsman. The next Lancelot.

The whole Knights of the Round Table is fitting for the Secret Service.

The reverse car chase is pretty good. The end of it was predictable. I wouldn't be surprised to find out that he was put into the situation to get him to join. A la Remo Williams.

Just because the father is a good man doesn't mean the son is or will be. But he will be given a chance. Heh ... always someone else's fault. That is pretty much people today.

"Manners maketh man." I like that. I know what it means. :) Damn. Nice fight scene.

Iggy Azalea made it into the movie?!?!? Damn.

Interesting way they got the funding. Makes sense.

Not enough violence yet. Some great actions scenes but I am in the mood for violence. :) Ok now the race to be the net Lancelot begins. I expect the violence to arrive soon.

Every time they show Samuel L Jackson's character I just refuse to hear the lisp. It makes him more serious. :)

Damn. That is some serious weeding out process. I like it.

OK, 40 minutes in and I am liking this movie.

And there is Eggsies (sp?) reason to thrive.

And the lead in is becoming tiresome.

Still ignoring ... or trying to ... Jackson's lisp. It is easier not to take his character seriously.

Thank you for such a ... happy meal. :)

Ok the McDonalds shit is over the top. That is just too cruel! ;)

Eggy needs to throw the fucking hat away.

"Being a gentleman has nothing to do with ones birth. Being a gentleman is something one learns." Well said. Not enough gentlemen in the world today.

True nobility is being superior to your former self. Once again well said.

As in locked up. Yeah, I have trouble understanding him too.

I am glad I am wrong but ... about the dog ... yeah shoot him. Ok I wasn't wrong ... at the moment. Fuck it. Shoot them all. If he doesn't fix it .. fuck.

Merica! Fuck yeah! Ok too facetious. But it is what it is. ;)

This is mine ... I will show you yours. ;)

The heads blowing up!!! Bwahahahahahahahaha!

All in all, I liked it. SLJ was not the best choice for the villain. Not because he lacks ability, but rather the villain was too meek.

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