Tuesday, January 1, 2013

MM: Testicle Talk

We were on the drop one day and Motor Mouth was being his usual annoying self. At one point I mentioned some friends of mine. One I rarely hear from and one that I haven't actually talked to in about 2 years. I gave up because my phone messages were answered by Facebook messages usually a week or more after I left a voice message. Whether that friend was trying to send a message to me or not I did get one. Don't bother talking to him and move on. But I digress.

at that point MM had to chime in. He has a friend like that. He has known the guy since pre-school. As he started to get into his yammering groove I decided to throw a monkey wrench into his plan.

I said; "In Korea they have a name for a friend like that. It translates to Testicle Friend. You knew each back when you ran around without diapers on."

Motor Mouth blurted out "I have one!"

I was hit by one of those instances where your mouth reacts faster than your brain. Had I given thought to it, unless I wanted to instigate MM, I would never have said the first thing that came to my mind. but I said it. Quicker than MM going from 0-Dolphin I said "You only have one testicle?"

Everyone started laughing. Including my Manager, who had joined us. Motormouth went into embarassed and overcompensating mode.

"I have to balls! Nothing wrong with my balls. They are good. Feel good. Blah Blah Blah."

SO many jokes were coming into my head but I bit my tongue. Which my Manager appreciated.

Motor Mouth went on about his balls for 5 minutes. It was hilarious. ::)

Mind you, I wish I had engaged my brain before my mouth.


  1. Sometimes I find myself having to bite my tongue in situations like that, but there have been times when I didn't.
    It's hard to resist when someone leaves an opening.

  2. And MM leaves a lot of openings. :)