Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Hockey Players of Yore.

I play Dynasty Hockey on FaceBook. It is one of my guilty pleasures. :) The game is damn frustrating bordering on stupid at times, how the hell can someone who is slated to beat the opponent 90% to their 10% lose, TWICE, and once be SHUTOUT is beyond me. It makes me realize why I stopped playing the game for a year plus. Mind you, the game does bring to the present day some of the players of the past. Players we may not hear about ... at all. Case in point, Earl Robinson.

Earl Robinson was available early on for me as a draft option. I knew, by his uniform, that he was a Montreal Maroon player. Which meant he was from the past. But I didn't know anything else about him. So I checked him out on Wikipedia. He also played for the Chicago BlackHawks and the Montreal Canadiens. While he wasn't the Wayne Gretzky of his day, he was a good player who also won a Stanley Cup.

Hockey Dynasty frustrates me and boggles my mind but I am appreciative of it for bringing players of the past to me. When I see someone I don't know, ok mainly Habs and Maroons, I look them up on Wikipedia and learn a bit of history. Hmmm ... that isn't completely true. I often see non Habs and Maroons who stir a memory or who I look up just to see who they were. For that, I thank Hockey Dynasty.

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