Saturday, January 26, 2013

MM: It is the same.

We were on the drop and started talking about food. Motormouth decided to chime in about the stuff he buys at the dollar store. Sarge said it is cheap but it isn't the same quality as brands at the supermarket. That set MM off.

"It is made by the same company so it is the same."

Sarge replied "They often use different ingredients."

Me "And a lot more salt."

MM "Yeah the use different ingredients but they are exactly the same."

J-Man shakes his head and says "You realize what you are saying?"

MM nods his head and says "Yeah. They are exactly the same."

Sarge "But made from different ingredients."

MM "Yeah! They are the same."

Everyone starts chuckling.

Sarge shakes his head and says "You are a fucking moron. They are made from different ingredients. They aren't the same."

MM "They are. They come from the same place!"

J-Man smirks and says "Shit and diarrhea come from the same place but are different."

Silence from MM while the rest of us laugh.

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