Friday, January 25, 2013

Facebook and Friends

I can't remember the last time I sent out a Facebook friend request to a friend of a friend. A year? More? The last Facebook friend request I sent out was yesterday, to a co-worker, and they accepted it.

Yesterday I got a message from Facebook chastising me for sending a friend request to someone I didn't know. Which was a huge surprise to me. They threatened to cut off my ability to send friend requests if I kept this up. Which, after consideration, would be no big loss. Let them come to me. :)

I did send a message to someone that I don't know. But it was a message and NOT a friend request. An old friend, from 11 years back, has a Facebook account with about 3 friends. Facebook keeps pushing "friends" on me that I don't know ... but Facebook feels I may know them and want to send them a friend request because we have a mutual friend. In some cases they have the same name as a friend BUT NO friends in common and Facebook still suggests we may know each other. Talk about entrapment. Mind you, I usually ignore the Facebook suggestions.

So, my crime was sending a message to this friend of a friend I would like to re-establish contact with. (If that was the offence.) I messaged them saying Hey, we have a mutual friend I have lost contact with. sorry for bothering you, please ignore this at your leisure, but if possible would you let them know I lost their email, mine is the same, could they email me.

Whether they took offence to that or not I can only speculate. Evidently something made Facebook feel that I was bothering people and needed a tongue lashing. I could use a good tongue lashing, but not the kind Facebook gave. ;)

Which brings me to the crux of my rambling. A point a friend of mine made several times and I have mentioned. If Facebook doesn't want us annoying people that we don't know why the fuck do they keep suggesting "friends" we may not know. Especially friends that we have NO friends in common with. If they didn't suggest friends I am pretty sure a lot of people wouldn't reach out to them, and end up banned for a while by Facebook.

Why not allow people to select the option of NOT having Facebook recommend them? And if they allow it they have no grounds for complaint.

And if Facebook keeps suggesting friends and then turns around and bans the friend requesting ability of those who use their suggestions maybe Facebook should just fuck off.

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