Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Cindy Lauper

Cindy Lauper played a psychic on the latest episode of Bones. (Ok I originally wrote this over a month ago and am just getting around to posting it.) She sounds the same on TV as she does in person. :)

It reminded me of the 1st and only time I saw her in concert. This year. I missed the first few sets of her concert and saw the rest. When I got there she was doing the Blues. I never knew she moved into the Blues in her later works. She was fantastic. At times you could tell she was straining herself. But it was a great concert.

What really stuck out was how much of a control freak she is. Ok, that may be harsh. Or maybe it isn't. She stopped the concert a few times to chastise the band. They weren't playing to her standards and she would stop everything and set them straight. It turns out that during their rehearsal before the concert she fired her sound man for not being good enough. The back up guy was given the job and went on tour with her. 

I say control freak. A friend says perfectionist who wants to make sure her fans are getting their moneys worth. Hard to say who is right.

Oh, and considering her age, not saying if she did or did not have work done, nice tits. :)

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