Thursday, September 29, 2011

Water Mooks

I was going to write this up as a Mook of the Week post but it concerns things that happened a month or more back and more than one mook. It concerns a breed of Mooks I called Water Mooks. They take their stupidity to the water and often end up endangering others. Especially those would risk their lives to try and save such obvious morons.

In mid-August I took my Brother and his wife to Peggy's Cove. The waves at Peggy's Cove are notorious, even when there is no storm, for dragging idiots who get to close to the edge of the water out to sea. On a clear day some big waves crash in there. Even though there are warnings some idiots ignore them and go to the edge. These mooks actually take their kids within reach of the waves.

The Mooks in the picture below actually came pretty close to going for a swim. See where the rock that juts out into the water is dark and wet? They were there when the wave rolled in and if they had been a little slower they would have ended up smacked around by it. And the cunning stunt brought his kids!

In early September we caught the edge of a Hurricane. Waves in some areas were 5+ metres high. Even when the waves weren't present the storm surge created a nasty rip tide. Many people, myself included, went to see the waves. From a safe distance. Some idiots, Water Mooks, mainly surfers, actually went into the water.

The following pictures are from a group of these Mooks at Lawrencetown beach.

Then you have the following Mooks at Cow Bay the same evening. The idiot in the first few pictures was having a lot of trouble reaching the shore. He was still bobbing out there when we left.

He was part of a larger group and had gotten washed away from them.

The next day I heard that the RCMP water rescue team had to go out and rescue a surfer. I wouldn't be surprised if it was this idiot.

Fine, you want to put your own life in danger go for it. You are the bottom of the food chain and deserve what you get. Unfortunately, others will put their life in danger to try and rescue these idiots from a situation they shouldn't be in.

Maybe the guy who owns the restaurant at Peggy's Cove doesn't want to judge this type of idiots but I will. They are a bunch of fucking mooks!

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