Thursday, September 29, 2011

What the ... credit card scam?!?!?!?

My mother got scammed for her credit card number over the phone this afternoon. The piece of shit scammer called from 110-333-4445. He said he was from BMO, her bank, and was calling to offer her a lower interest rate on her credit card. What convinced her it was real was the fact he knew what her last 2 payments were as well as her limit. How he got that information I don't know. She did catch on to him but not until after she had given him her credit card number and the security number on the back.

She immediately called the bank and they cancelled the card before it could be used. Then she got to spend the next hour plus on the phone. She reported it to the Anti-Fraud Centre, our phone service, and tried to report it to the RCMP (that was her first call) but only got an answering machine. Odds are she will hear from them tomorrow.

Now she feels like a fool. Well, to a degree she should. It was a foolish thing to do but we all have our moments of foolishness. She was quick enough to catch it before he had hung up and have the card cancelled. Anyone can fall for this kind of shit. Especially when the person has some of your banking information.

It would be nice if the police are able to id the guy. I would LOVE to say hi to him.

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