Sunday, April 6, 2014

Shit Morons Say ... about movies.

As a group of us were walking down an aisle Sarge said "I think I will go see Noah on the weekend."

MotorMouth chimed in "Yeah. Noah. I heard it was a good movie. I want to see it too."

I decided to be a smart ass and said "I don't want to see it. I read the book."

Everyone chuckled. Everyone expect Joan. She said "There is a book?!?!?"

Wide eyed I smirked and said "Yes. It is called the Bible."

She ALMOST saved herself but then stammered "I meant there is a book that it is based on?!?"

I shook my head and said "Yes. The Bible."

I walked away shaking my head. MotorMouth was taking the piss out of her for being stupid. It is a sad day for anyone when MotorMouth can legitimately take them down a peg for being an idiot.

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