Thursday, April 3, 2014

Gord's Pork Pies Part 3

Wow. Talk about deluding yourself. Gord is NOT going with the April Fools defence. He is actually going to stick with the lie and continue feigning indignation when people call him on it.

He has no picture of him with the winning rim. Considering he goes no where without his cell phone and ipad that is strange. He is STILL telling different people he won it in different places. He is STILL telling people he upgraded it to the Corolla CE from the S. Which would actually be a down grade.

He IS claiming to have papers about his car in his locker. But he doesn't claim they prove he won it. He does like to dissemble.

He no longer reminds me of my brother Herman. He reminds me of my ex-fiance. She was pretty much a pathological liar. Why? The drama. She ALWAYS had something bad happening, whether real or made up. That way people would rally around her and tell her how good a person she was. Or defend her.

That pretty much seems to be what Gord is doing now. Those that care enough (or are bored enough) to call him on the lies get his indignation. He complains about it to others sometimes getting lip service, sometimes getting compassion, sometimes getting told to stop the lies. It is all about the attention and it doesn't matter if it is good or bad.

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