Wednesday, April 3, 2013

SiriusXM Satellite Radio

A couple of things came with my new car. One of them was SiriusXM Satellite Radio for a free 3 month trial. Now that the 3 months is coming near to its end they called me about buying it. I suppose if the bi-weekly mailings weren't enough to entice me to pay to continue they probably felt a phone call would work. Fucktards

First off they call at supper time. That is guaranteed to put me in a pissy mood before I even answer the phone.

The second problem, for them, is that I don't really like their product. I use my MP3 player for music so their music channels are useless to me. The only channel I use is the NHL Channel. One would think that if you were paying for a service you wouldn't have to put up with ads. Wrong. There are ads. Ads for things I am not interested in buying. Ads for other XM channels I am not interested in listening to.

One would also think that the NHL channel would stick to hockey. Unfortunately, wrong again. Their talking heads chatter about other sports from time to time. If I wanted to know how Tiger Woods is doing I would listen to the golf channel. Not the hockey channel. If I cared about the lead up to the Super Bowl I would listen to a football channel. You get the idea?

I just don't need their service and when my free trial runs out I won't miss it.

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