Tuesday, April 9, 2013

RBC: The Tardery Continues.

The CBC interviewed the head of RBC, Gord Nixon, about the current scandal. He said;

"Firstly, RBC has not and does not hire any temporary foreign workers."

As the talking head on CBC pointed out "technically" he is right. They hired a firm, iGATE Corporation, that hired the foreign workers, and brought them to Canada. Foreign workers that are being trained to take over the jobs of Canadians. So yes, technically, Mr. Nixon is right. RBC did not directly hire these workers. Technically. Gotta love how people try to hide behind technicalities.

At a time banks continue to make record profits they claim they have to take cost saving measures, like outsourcing to other countries. Mr. Nixon got a raise last year. He went from making $10.1 MILLION dollars a year to $12.6 MILLION dollars a year. RBC's profit went from $4.85 BILLION in 2011 to $7.54 BILLION dollars in 2012. Yet they have to outsource these 45 IT jobs out of the country to save money. What a fucking joke.

Is it any wonder why people think bankers are just a bunch of thieves?


  1. Bastards.
    They remind me of that Martin Short character, Nathan Thurm. He's the spokesman for whatever group has just had a scandal, and he looks as nervous and sweaty as can be as he sloooowly takes a drag on his cigarette and complains to the viewers that the interviewer is badgering him.
    "It's not me, it's him, right?"
    : )
    I'm surprised that bankers haven't been dragged into the street and torn to pieces by an angry mob.
    Not that I would ever advocate any action like that at all....

  2. Remember the old joke about a ship sinking and the sharks not killing the lawyers out of professional courtesy? Switch lawyer to banker and you are spot on.