Thursday, April 25, 2013

Shit Morons Say ... about cause and effect. 1

"I think, though, this is not a time to commit sociology, if I can use an expression,"

P.M. Stephen Harper commenting on terror arrests while sniping at Justin Trudeau.

Trudeau was asked as the Boston bombing news was unfolding, by Peter Mansbridge, what he would do if he were P.M. of Canada at this time. He’d offer his condolences along with practical help. But he wouldn’t jump to conclusions. “Over the coming days,” he told Mansbridge, we should look for “root causes. We don’t know if it was terrorism or a single crazy or a domestic issue or a foreign issue — all those questions. But there is no question that this happened because of someone who feels completely excluded, at war with innocents.”

At the time he was ... right. We had NO IDEA if it was one person or a group. If it was Al Qaeda or a home grown (US) group. At THAT time we knew nothing and the authourities didn't know much more. Over the next few days more info came to light and in the end they id'd the pieces of shit that did the bombing. Killed one and caught the other.

Harper sounded a lot like ... George W. Bush and his cronies. I would rather have someone who doesn't jump to conclusions in charge instead of a moron.

Even the use of the phrase "this is not a time to commit sociology" smacks of the stupidity that used to come from the mouth of G.W. Bush. It makes me wonder if Harper has hired some of Bush's speech writers. Which shouldn't be surprising considering some of the BS that has come out of the Harper Government.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to find out the root causes of why people do things. Sometimes you will find something you can understand. Something you will find out you just can't understand them. It is looking for a reason for why things happen, not making an excuse.

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