Sunday, April 28, 2013

RBC: How A Fucktard Apologises.

Damn, I forgot I wrote this, and it is a tad ... alot ... out of date. But what the kimchi. :)

Gord Nixon, CEO of Royal Bank of Canada, has released an open letter to Canadians. NOW, he is sorry for the foreign worker controversy.

On Monday he brayed that RBC had done nothing wrong. It was all the fault of some company (iGATE) that RBC used to outsource work. As I said then TECHNICALLY he is right.

People saw that claim for the BS it is. Nixon tried to chickenshit his way out of any responsibility by using a technicality. Fucktard.

Mind you, he STILL tried to use the technicality to brush off the criticism.

"While we are compliant with the regulations, the debate has been about something else," Nixon wrote.

He is still trying to deflect responsibility while trying to tell people that he is listening to their concerns. Proof is in the pudding Gord. And people are watching you now.

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