Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Shit Morons Say ... about being responsible.

"Those signs don't apply to me because I am a responsible dog owner."

This quote was related to me by a Park Warden today. We were talking about the Dog Mooks who let their pets run loose in on leash areas. He told me about one who, when the signs saying pets must be on leash and cleaned up after were pointed out, said that quote. According to the Warden, this type of attitude is held by a lot of the mooks who let their dogs run loose where they shouldn't.

I told him about the idiots who, as their dog was running toward me and mine, would say "It is ok, my dog is friendly". To which I would reply "Mine isn't". Most would just get slack jawed but a few would stammer out "But mine is". And then I would have to remind them that the world doesn't revolve around them in some colourful language.

Fucking mooks!


  1. I have to admit that I was a dog mook, once upon a time. I took my brother's dog out for a walk. He was a shepherd, young, full of beans, and I thought letting him off the leash was a good idea. It was an off-leash park, but Rex did not play well with other dogs. He never hurt them, but he did have to establish his dominance.
    other dog owners were pretty vocal about how stupid I was, so I was careful after that to keep him under control.

  2. At least you took him to an off leash park. :)