Sunday, June 17, 2012

Mook of the Week?

I took the dog to Rainbow Haven beach for a walk. The first parking lot was all but empty. Counting my car there were two cars parked there. As I walk down the road what do I see?

THREE cars parked on the road. There are No Parking signs every 20 feet or so on the road. One of the morons is parked right between two signs while another is parked right beside one.

As I approach the area to go to the beach one of the Mooks is coming back to his vehicle. His dog is off leash. If you read this blog you know the loathing I have for Dog Mooks doing crap like this in on leash areas. I mentioned this to him and he put his dog on leash and then puts him in the car.

It was hot out today. This fucking moron put his dog in a car sitting out in the hot sun. He didn't even open a window! What was he in a hurry for? To take pictures with his wife and kids for Father's Day. What a fucking mook.

As I walked by I mentioned something about the stupidity of someone who would do that to a dog. I also pondered aloud whether I should call the police or animal control. The ass must have been listening because he hurried his family to the car and left.

Talk about your trifecta of idiocy. This asshole seems more like  a Mook of the Year than the Week.


  1. Why do people even have dogs? They can't even take care of themselves!

  2. Be careful when you confront these idiots. You never know what might happen.

  3. That is true John, and I try to keep that in mind.

    Mind you, much like Batman's view of criminals, Mooks are a cowardly and superstitious lot. Whip out the cell phone and mention 911 and they can't get away from you fast enough. ;)