Thursday, June 21, 2012

Horse & Buggy Tour of Lunenburg.

Ok, I vented about the shitty service at Big Reds Family Restaurant. Now it is time to talk about something in Lunenburg that was FANTASTIC!!! The horse and buggy ride.

Our horse was Duke and our guide was ... damn ... I am embarrassed to say I forget his name. It might have been Mickey but I wouldn't bet on that. I will never forget his tour. He gave such a great tour that when there was a few minutes where he had nothing to say I couldn't think of a question to ask. Considering how much I like to talk and ask questions, combined with my love of history, that is pretty damn impressive.

The tour takes around 35 minutes. You are introduced to a lot of historical buildings and the stories surrounding them as well as the town. It was well worth the money. (Only $20.)

If you are going to Lunenburg I highly recommend A Trot in Time.

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