Friday, June 29, 2012

Mook of the Week

I took my Mother to CostCo the other day. She has a lot of trouble walking due to a heart problem and ostio-arthritis in the knees. Which means she has a handicapped parking tag and needs to use it. We lucked out and found one close to the entrance.

As she moved around to pull in we noticed just how badly the asshole on the left had parked his car. These parking spots are big. On top of that there is a large area between every 2 spots for extra space. This moron, driving a blue Hyundai Tuscon with Nova Scotia license number EWU 585, did such a shitty job parking that he was taking up some of the spot beside him.

This means anyone parking in the empty spot would have to be partially in the white area and screw up the person to his right. We ended up taking a parking spot further down so we wouldn't have to do that. Unfortunately, not everyone thinks that way and another person ended up taking the spot we passed on. Maybe their physical condition was worse than my Mother's and they just couldn't park further back. I hope so, or they are almost as much of a mook as the asshole in the blue Tuscon.

Seriously, how much fucking space does this mook need to get out of his Tuscon?

It made me wonder if the handicapped tag (There was one on the rear view mirror. If there hadn't been I would have called the cops.) wasn't reflecting a mental rather than a physical handicap. It is bad enough when you get some non-handicapped mook using these spaces. You would think someone with a disability would be a little more considerate.

Fucking mooks.


  1. I was at Costco the other day, too! I don't know how we missed each other.
    ; )
    Anyway, as we were going to park, I couldn't help but notice vehicle after vehicle parked on the line or over it.
    And Costco has some pretty fuckin' big parking spaces. so the mooks really had to be mooking it up.
    But as it's Red Deer, a farming community, I remembered what Jim said to Sheriff Bart in "Blazing Saddles."
    He said, "These are simple people. People of the land. The common clay of the New West.
    "You know.
    Nuff said.

  2. CostCo has the largest parking spots around here. With the extra space the handicapped oens are huge. Lots of room. no excuse for these fucking morons.

    Great quote. :)