Monday, May 21, 2012

Self Deception 2

It seems like a little thing to believe in but for some strange reason I always thought that as long as I could touch my toes and do up my sneakers I wasn't "that" fat. Strangely enough, even at my most morbidly obese, I could do both. It was easier to sit down and tie my sneakers but I COULD tie them standing/kneeling. So I would use this to convince myself that I wasn't THAT fat after all.

I remember visiting Jimmy once. We (him, his, wife and myself) were heading out. I put my sneakers on at the door way with little (seemingly) effort. In retrospect it did take a little out of me but I was too stibborn to acknowledge or show it.Jimmy's wife commented  "Wow Jimmy. Flint can bend down and tie his shoes and he is bigger than you. Why can't you?" Ouch. That had to hurt. But I felt chuffed and used it to continue to deceive myself.


  1. I'm usually pretty careful about what I say to people. No matter what I'm thinking about someone's appearance, I keep it to myself unless they ask for it. I always envied our Aussie friend, who said what he thought, and didn't give a damn.
    I wanted to be like Jay and Silent Bob, and call you "Tons of fun." But we'd have to call each other by that nickname.

  2. You know Aussie, Stig. He could be blunt without being a douche. If you did or said something stupid he would say that.

    What I hate is people who try to use being blunt to try and hide the fact they are just being a douche. Hilda did it. So did others.

    Which is probably why I took pride in being told I was politely blunt. And you are pretty the same. Politely blunt.

  3. Errrr pretty much the same. Not pretty. Not that you aren't pretty Stig. You are right purty. Heh heh heh. ;)