Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Royal Bank of Canada ... suck it!

As I was leaving work Monday night I stopped at the ATM to get some cash. My card didn't work. Initially I laughed it off as me screwing up my PIN. Didn't work again. And again. I didn't want to take the chance of the machine eating my card so I didn't try a 4th time. My plan was to call the bank, or drop in, Tuesday afternoon and see what was going on with my card. My plan changed when my mail arrived Tuesday morning.

There was a letter for my from Royal Bank of Canada (RBC), my bank. In it was a new RBC bank card. One of those pieces of shit with chip technology that I was happy NOT to have. They were pleased to inform enclose my new client card and to inform me that I had to start using it immediately as my existing card was no longer valid. The fucktards CANCELLED my old card while this one was STILL in the fucking mail! It arrived activated.

Needless to say I was more than a little pissed off. It was just luck that I wasn't using my old card in a store. Or that I wasn't in need of the cash at the time. While I have already given them a piece of my mind I am considering closing up my account and going elsewhere. Probably Bank of Montreal (BMO).

This isn't the 1st time RBC has changed shit around on me. They once changed my bank account/plan I had with them for 14 years without asking my permission. They "phased" out the account I had, because it gave unlimited use of debit cards. In it's place they GAVE me an account that had 3 uses free a month. They never bothered to see WHAT kind of account I wanted. I only kept this account because it was more convenient than opening a new one when I went to Korea. Now that I am home, and their service is as shitty as ever, it is time to look elsewhere.

I was happy not to have one of these cards and am not happy to have one foisted on me.

Oh and another note to you fucktards at RBC the "speed and convenience" of the card which you crow about in the pamphlet you mailed me is a crock of shit. It was faster and more convenient to simply swipe a card and not have to insert it and wait.

Added May 4th 2012

I was talking with one of my nieces today and the same thing happened to her boyfriend this week. Unfortunately for him, he was paying for gas after filling up and doesn't have a credit card. Luckily, someone else was with him who could pay for it.

This cinches my decision. I am closing out my RBC account after my next pay and moving everything to BMO.


  1. Royal Bank just sent me a regular "chump" credit card in place of my "gold" credit card. Same benefits, same fees, but plain old "chump" card. Assholes!

  2. In 2012, I bought a truck and to take advantage of the lower interest rates dealers get, went with dealer financing. The load happened to be with RBC. I had no problems for 6 months except for the fact that my loan payments, direct withdrawal's from my BMO bank, seemed to always be late.
    I checked my bureau after 6 months and found that RBC was reporting late payments on every payment. I phoned the bank and asked and even got representatives on from both banks. Neither would take responsibility, each blaming the other. BMO finally said they would put a note on the account that when the payment request came to move it to the top of the queue. Personally I think this was a lie - but it was something.
    For the next three months, I didn't hear anything until in the fourth month I get a call from RBC saying there hasn't been a payment in three months. What?? I check the BMO account and sure enough, BMO was rejecting the payments. Argh! So I give up and switch them to Scotiabank auto withdrawals and no further problems.
    In December 2013, I decide I'm going to sell my truck and contact RBC to get a payout balance for December 30, 2013. They give me the 'payout balance' - however I find out afterwards that you have to get a payout statement. This is where it gets good. I go down to RBC branch I'm referred to and make the full payment. I get a receipt for the payment.
    On January 6, 2014, I get a call from RBC collections stating I owe $320. What??? How is this possible? I ask for a statement and am told, I don't need a statement, just pay the amount. For the next 4 weeks, I battle with RBC collections and Client Care to get a statement and get some understanding as to what happened. Meanwhile on January 13th - RBC deposits $206 into my Scotiabank account - huh??
    Turns out that RBC tried to take an additional payment in January, which Scotiabank refused because I had told them I was closing the RBC loan. RBC realized the error, but rather than checking their own records, returned the loan amount, minus a bogus NSF charge of 108 and change. To top it off, RBC was reporting to the Credit Bureau stating I was delinquent. How often does one become delinquent when they pay off a loan 4 years early!!!
    If you are even remotely thinking of dealing with RBC for any types of loans the advise is STAY AWAY! Fees that are not disclosed, absolutely terrible communication, and rude staff are what you are in for!