Thursday, March 1, 2012

HRM Winter Maintenance

HRM seems to stand for Highly Retarded Morons rather than Halifax Regional Municipality. Or maybe that is how the Municipal government views the people that live here.

Speaking as someone who uses the city streets a lot travelling to and from work winter maintenance of the roads has been horrible in HRM. We haven't had a lot of snow but when we have been hit the road crews have done a piss poor job of taking care of the roads. Yet somehow HRM is claiming to have used up 62% of the snow budget. The reasons Hayward gives for why so much has been used seem specious.

Salting? Once again, as someone who uses the roads a lot, there has been little salting done. At least when it was needed. I do remember at least one day when the roads were heavily salted ... but we had no snow or ice. Yet the days it was needed there was little or none.

Overtime for weekend storms? We haven't had any real storms! What kind of fuckery is this? And where the fuck are the plows when it is snowing?

Just how stupid are the folks at HRM? Well, here is a great example.

Monday night we had snow. 5-10 cm of it. The roads were pretty greasy. I saw ONE plow out. The roads that were plowed were pretty shoddily done. There was NO salt on the roads. The winter parking ban was NOT in effect so when the plows finally did show up they had to go around parked cars.

Tuesday night there was NO snow but the winter parking ban WAS declared in effect by HRM. Which led to a lot of cars being ticketed for parking on the street even though there was no need for plows to be out.

What do the workers do when there is no snow? According to Hayward

"On days like this they're out filling potholes, graffiti removal, litter pickup — that sort of thing,"

Really? Our winter road snow removal budget is used for graffiti removal? Litter pickup? I have yet to see anyone doing any of the things Mr. Hayward cited. Add to that the fact that the city doesn't usually bother touching potholes until AFTER the spring thaw. What a gobshite.

What a bunch of icetards.

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