Tuesday, March 20, 2012

What the ... murder?!?!?

A teen, Trayvon Martin, was murdered in Florida last month and his killer claims self defence. Under a bizarre Florida law that was put into place by Jeb Bush you are allowed to use deadly force if you feel threatened.

The murderer, George Zimmerman, was "on patrol" for a neighbourhood watch in the area. According to what he told the police he saw someone acting suspicious and followed him. Even after the cops told him not to.

What made Trayvon suspicious? He was black.

Because of the bizarre law Zimmerman was NOT charged with anything by the police. He murdered a kid and nothing was being done. Now, due to public pressure, the FBI and a Federal prosecutor are looking into charges. It is disgusting that it took public outrage to get something done.

No wonder Florida has its own classification on FARK. Dumbass. Weird. Silly. Florida.


  1. They have a chance in Bill Maher's Dumbest State competition, that's for sure!