Monday, March 26, 2012

What the ... textard?!?!?

So I am at Staples to get some ink and paper for the printer. There is one woman ahead of me. As she puts her credit card in to have the chip read she whips out her phone and starts reading and answering a text. Her transaction is complete and she is still typing away on her phone. The clerk removes her card from the machine and sets her stuff down in front of her and she is still on her phone. The clerk has to take my stuff from me because there is no space on the counter because this textard is STILL texting away on her phone. My stuff is rung through and the clerk can't set it down because this bimbo is STILL on her phone.

Finally I have enough and say "Do you mind doing that elsewhere? I would like to [pay for my stuff and leave."

The woman barely looks up, grabs her stuff, and leaves in a huff still texting away. What a fucktard.


  1. Yeah, the supermarket mooks seem to seek new depths of stupidity. Usually its blocking the aisle or crashing into you, but holding up the line while some ajumma... er, scabby old bat is pushing into you from behind is their best trick.
    Fucking mooks.

  2. I was lucky. There was no scabby old bat behind me. Just some dumb cunt in front.