Wednesday, February 22, 2012

What the ... fucktardery?!?!?

I don't know if there was something in the water the past week or there is just a rise in stupidity around the world.

You have the "couch surfing" morons I already mentioned.

Then you have ESPN and the racist headline they used, Chink in the Armour. How in the fuck do you NOT know that will be taken as offensive? It is nice they fired some people but that is something that never should have even been considered seriously as a headline.

Now you have NATO trying to apologize for an "error" that led to copies of the Koran being discarded and "possibly" burned in Afghanistan. An "error"? Is that like being a little pregnant? What kind of a monumental fucktard in charge could let something like that happen? Not surprisingly, the Afghans have been rioting and people have died.

What a bunch of Uber-Tards.


  1. I assume the headline was about that Lin fellow playing for the Knicks. Some people had their heads up their asses to think that one up, let alone publish it. Initially the stories about Lin were about the fact that the Knicks actually had a player worth reporting on. Then it became about how he was an Asian and not black.
    Fucking mook press.
    Well, I suppose they have to report on something. I just wish they used better judgement.
    I was reading Burndog's posts about the kerfuffle that blew up after an American's possibly racist take on Lin. A songwiter for Girl's Generation took offence, and suggested that blacks should be wiped off the face of the earth.
    People are still fucked up about race.

  2. Your assumption is right Stig. It was about how he made 9 give aways or something like that.

    Yep. Times may change but the number of fucktards just increases.