Thursday, February 16, 2012

Metro Transit

I am one of the lucky ones. The current transit strike doesn't affect me because I don't use the bus. I gave up on the public transit system here decades ago.

When I was going to University I took the bus most of my first year. I had problems with it just about every other day. There was no direct route to University, which wasn't a big problem. A simple transfer to another bus solves the problem. Unfortunately, the bus I had to transfer to rarely ever waited. Which meant a longer wait. Not a big problem but definitely annoying.

The buses would often be too early at the stop near me. I would get there 10 minutes BEFORE the bus was supposed to be there to find out that it had already been there.

One summer I worked in Burnside Industrial Park. There was no direct bus there. I would have to go all around town, and transfer 2-3 times, to get there. Add to that the bus that did run there ONLY ran once an hour. If you missed the bus you were screwed. From my nephew's experiences busing to work in Burnside it the service hasn't improved since then.

I will continue to drive instead of using Metro Transit if/when the strike is over.


  1. I always hated taking the bus, and I was very glad when I got a car.
    Now I'm taking the bus again, and it's just as aggravating as ever. I liked some things about the way they did it in Korea (it was more convenient), but their drivers were completely off their rockers, driving like fucking maniacs.
    But, I was taking the bus the other week to a meeting. I missed my appointment, and when I was taking the bus back home, I found myself on the same one coming back the other way. The driver didn't let me pay for the second fare, saying it was covered by the first one. That was pretty nice.

  2. That was nice. A co-worker had the opposite sort of experience with one of the bus drivers here.

    She got on a bus that usually goes right across the bridge to Halifax. This time it didn't. The driver stopped before the bridge and announced that everyone would have to transfer to another bus. She asked for a transfer and he refused. He told her that she should have asked for one when she got on. The fact that he NEVER told her, or anyone else, that they would have to change buses never entered his pea sized brain. She ended up having to pay AGAIN in order to get to work. And fucktards like him demand a pay raise and job security?