Friday, October 21, 2011

Nice gesture but ....

The picture below has been circulating on Facebook with feel good taglines like: There is still hope left in the world with stuff like this.

While I like to see it and applaud the Dry Cleaning store for their generosity to those in need the cynic in me starts shouting. I immediately think of the people who will abuse the generosity of the dry cleaner.

This isn't just based on conjecture. It is based on my own experiences helping those in need and the lengths fucktards will go to abuse the generosity of others. I used to help the outreach program at my Mother's church at Thanksgiving and Christmas time. They would provide food baskets for the dinners and in the case of Christmas presents for all of the family members. The number of people trying to take advantage of it, such as get more than they need/deserve or falsify their need, made me sick.

Some of the worst abusers were getting assistance from multiple sources. Seriously, how many fucking turkey dinners do the greedy fucktards really need? Some were discovered to be getting them from FOUR different sources. Each extra one they got meaning one less for families that really needed them.

One leech even went so far as to claim our next door neighbour as her parents and tried to use their address. She wanted to pick the stuff up and not have it delivered. Fortunately, we knew our neighbours. An elderly couple from Quebec who had NO kids living in Nova Scotia. Thei ONLY child being a son who lived in Montreal.

The fucktard actually tried arguing that the address was right and they were her parents. The argument ended when I took the phone and said fine, I will be at their house waiting for you to show up for the Christmas Basket. Bitch never showed. Turns out she was scamming my mother's church, the local food bank, and the Metro food bank.

Unfortunately, scum like that ruin it for those who want to help and those who need the help. People get scammed by them or hear about it and don't want to help anymore. Which screws over the families that really need and deserve the help.

I applaud the dry cleaner but I expect some fucktard will quickly take advantage of their generosity ruining things for those in need.


  1. I had the same thought...but at the same's a small risk for the dry cleaner I guess, compared with the good will they are generating.

  2. It is nice to see someone willing to help.