Thursday, October 27, 2011


I was watching The Colbert Report and he talked about Jesusween. It sounded so screwed up that I knew it had to be real ... and it is. Stephen Colbert referred to it as part of the War on Halloween.

Some Christers decided to try and create a "Godly alternative" to Halloween. Proponents of Jesusween are supposed to hand out Bibles and "Christian" gifts. They actually believe that it will become the most successful Christian outreach day. Odds are it will just end up creating the most successful egg sales day of the year. Some asshole put a crucifix in your treat bag? Egg the motherfucker!

Bloody whackjobs have to try and ruin everything. Isn't it bad enough that a lot of "Christian" holidays ripped off those of other religions in a move to assimilate them and gain more converts? Now they have to ruin candy day for kids? You would think followers of the ultimate zombie would embrace Halloween and not try and destroy it.


  1. I was just reading on Yahoo news that this guy, the creator, is from Calgary and organizing Jesusween from his church there.
    4,000 supporters on facebook, billboards in Tronna, and imitators in the US. I would have thought this kind of right wing evangelical bullshit would have originated in the deep south... but Calgary?
    There's a strong religious aspect here, but geez!
    What an idiotic idea.