Sunday, October 9, 2011

Little Old Mookies

I had a hard time naming this post. There were so many options. The tried and overused "Mookfest". Mookstravaganza. Mook Trick. Mook hat Trick. Mookfecta. I settled on Little Old Mookies and you should be able to figure out why.

I knew it was going to be an interesting day at work. As I pulled into the parkade an old woman driving a sporty red car was over the median separating the in and out lanes. I didn't know if she drove down the wrong side or backed over it. But there she was in all her glory. When I got inside I talked with security. Turns out she went down the wrong way (from the 4th floor) almost hit a few cars (at 4 AM there were ONLY a few cars in the parkade) and drove over the median to get out. She had NOT been drinking. What a mook.

When I was leaving a little old lady had driven her car into a wall on the 4th floor of the parkade. Luckily, she wasn't hurt. Nor was the wall. Her bumper was bashed in though.

A block from work a granny decided that she needed to be in my lane even though I was there. She missed my front bumper by millimetres. The air was blue around my car. She then proceeded to almost hit two other cars. I was just happy that she wasn't going my way after that.

Little old mookies, they shouldn't be allowed on the road.

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