Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Most Moronic Comment

(I was looking through old posts/drafts and found this. No idea why I never posted it after I wrote it so I figured better late than never.)

An Anonymous commenter on What The Kimchi once asked me what was the stupidest thing a moron has said to me. I cited a comment from YouTube. Some YouTard saw a picture of my house and said "That is your house? That is why you stink." While maybe not the stupidest thing ever said it ranks up there. It got me thinking about exactly what is the stupidest thing said to me. There are many contenders and I can't really seem to choose one over the other.

Years ago a friend (A) called up another friend's (B) house, where I was. After talking with B, A asked for me. The first thing he said? "So, uh, where are you?"

Years ago I took a spill down a hill in the Spring. Branches tore my jacket up and left a nasty gash on my left arm. I am walking home splattered in mud with blood dripping down and off an arm. Some JoHo at my neighbours looked at me and said "Are you hurt?".

The multiple times Mr. Kim of Ivy School would use the excuse "miscommunication" whenever he was caught lying or trying to cheat you.

Another YouTard who said that while Koreans are racist it isn't their fault because they didn't create racism.

So many things I could point that have been said by those KKKrazy people over at Korea Sentry.

So many things AnonyJohn said on "What The Kimchi?" and "The Dog Farm".

It is hard to come up with one comment that is above the rest because there have been so many stupid ones over the years and in different venues.

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