Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Walking Dead

As I said before I am enjoying the show. But damn they make some pretty fucking stupid decisions. If I am even in a zombiefied world I hope I make better ones. ;)


  1. I liked that CDC centre, and thought it would've been a great place to hole up. Too bad it blowed up real good.
    I always thought going to an island to hide would be a good idea, and then George A. Romero made "Survival Of The Dead."

  2. Too bad it went kablooey.

    Hmmm ... haven't seen that movie.

  3. Dumbest show ever!

  4. Sorry Anonymous but that title is held by FOX TVs "Who's your daddy?" where a woman had to figure out which of 3 men was her real father in order to win a prize.