Wednesday, December 8, 2010


I like watching the reality cooking shows like Hell's Kitchen and Top Chef. One thing I have noticed a lot is the cockiness to the point of stupidity of some of the "chefs".

Take the latest Hell's Kitchen and two of the final four, Trev and Russel. In the individual competition to make a fusion dish Russel's wasn't that good. Three of the top local chefs were the judges. They weren't impressed with his dish. Of course that just meant that they were stupid according to Russel because he KNOWS he is the best. Even Ramsay commented on Russel being too cocky and thinking winning is a sure thing.

Then you have Trev. The worst of the final four. He is painfully worse than the rest. Yet he thinks he did the best. I don't know whether he was on some wicked drugs or is just that deluded. Odds are, he is just that deluded.

These asshats, and others like them, will go on and on about how great they are despite reality. One guy, in an earlier Hell's Kitchen, who got tossed left droning on about how he would open a restaurant beside Ramsay and put him (Ramsay) out of business. Confidence is one thing. Some cockiness is good too. These folks just make themselves look like morons.

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