Thursday, March 9, 2017

What the ... mix?!?!?

I like booze. Good booze paired with a good cigar or mix. Nice. For the last year plus I have been on a bourbon kick, trying different ones. and often trying the ones I liked.

I was talking about scotch, whiskey, and bourbon with a co-worker when he got so fucking angry. He started ranting about people who add ice or water to their booze. He thought they should be flogged or pilloried. The look of anger on his face was so strong that it was ... not scary ... revolting.

Why the fuck would you care how people like to drink their booze? I have seen people drink beer with ice in it to keep it cold. Scotch with ice for the same reason. Or with water to take a bit of the burn out. Why the fuck would you let it make you that angry?

I like my booze the way it tastes. Which usually means no mix. A few fingers at a time. Do I care how other people drink it to the point I want to cause them bodily harm? No.

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