Wednesday, March 8, 2017

What the ... negotiation?!?!?

This is the 3rd time the Government and NSTU negotiators have come up with a contract for the membership to vote on. The membership voted no the other 2 times. If the answer is no again what should happen?

It seems as though the NSTU negotiators aren't speaking for the membership and have no idea what they want. There have been 3 contract offers NSTU approved of. and reccomended the membership accept. If the 3rd is rejected why should the government have to go back to the table?

NS is not a rich Province and we are already highly taxed. If there is no more money to invest why the hell should we have to have our taxes raised? Because that is where the new money will come from. Enough is enough. If this contract is rejected the Premier needs to take a page from Ronald Regean's book. Come the end of the school year your contract is done. Your job is done. Time to rehire. Kiss your seniority good bye. This actually could be a good thing for the younger teachers who get crowded out by those who have seniority. Don\t force a contract on them. Start over.

Of course, the Government forced a contract on them. I understand it. It will lead to legal battles that will cost too much. They should have fired them.

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