Saturday, April 15, 2017

What the ... pestering?!?!?!/

I usually buy tickets for the QE 2 Home Loto. It takes place twice a year. The last few years I have been hesitant to buy tickets. Not winning anything the last 4-5 years made me wonder why bother to buy a ticket and not just donate directly.

It is impossible to not know the tickets are on sale. There are TV and Radio ads all day long. There are mail out to anyone who has bought a ticket. They even employ ... telemarketers.

This is where my ire is raised. With all the ads and mail outs the last thing I need is some telemarketer calling me to let me know tickets are on sale. It is impossible to not know they are on sale. You can't listen to the radio on the drive to work without knowing, and their song can stay in your head for a while. You can't watch TV without seeing an ad at some point. Hell they are paying to have their ads on during the Stanley Cup Playoffs. So why the fuck do I need some faceless drone to call me to let me know tickets are on sale and wonder why I haven't bought any yet?

In the week leading up to the end of sales for the Early Bird Draw I received 3 calls with no message left and one wondering if I knew and that they knew I didn't have my tickets yet. Once again, how the fuck could I not know? They seemed gobsmacked when I said I wasn't interested. They then made the mistake of pressing their case which irritated me further. I had just said I wan't interested. Knowing their charity I decided to stay polite,just affirmed I was not interested, and told them not to call me again. I hung up after that.

It reminded me of a year ago when I waited until the day before the "last chance" for the Early Bird Draw" to order my tickets. A telemarketer called the next day because it was out last chance to get tickets before the EBD. I informed them I had already bought them and was told their records didn't show that. I told him they should have updated them so they didn't piss people off and hung up.

It is a worthy charity but holy shit they must spend a good chuck of the money raised on advertising. Do they bring in so much money they don't have to worry about the costs? If so, how about you just go with the ads and stop using fucking telemarketers?!?!?!?  Put that money towards what you are supposed to be raising it for?!?!? Your ads and mail outs are enough.

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