Sunday, May 10, 2015

Time goes on.

What is the old saying ... time flies when you are having fun. Well, the last 5+ years must have been a lot of fun because they blew by.

I got home from South Korea May10th 2010. What was going through my head. Fuck, I have to find work. What if all the nay sayers and fucktards are right? I stayed in South Korea because I couldn't find anything else at home.

5 years later and I find myself in a job I enjoy. I usually go to work in a good mood and leave in one. It isn't perfect, no job is, but it is good. Before I was there a year I moved from part time to full time. Before another year had passed I made lower management. Now I find myself on the cusp of becoming middle management. All in 5 years at home and 4 years at a job.

So much for being a failure at home and only being in South Korea because I couldn't make it at home.

To the nay sayers and fucktards ... go fuck yourselves. :)

To digress a bit more, I find myself looking at this blog. Posts I have started and never finished. Posts I have planned on starting but never gotten around to. I could easily post about work but signed a non-disclosure agreement. It isn't just that life is too busy, it is busy. But, I just can't find the impetus to write and post. Hopefully it will come back soon or I may just have to close this blog down.

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