Thursday, May 14, 2015

The Equalizer

I remember watching the tV show The Equalizer. An ex-special operative slaying his demons by helping those in need. I liked the show. I wish it lasted longer and showed us more about who and what McCall was.

Now there is a movie of the same name. based on the same show. This one stars Denzel Washington as McCall.

The lead in was slow. But not bad.

Having watched the original TV series it was hard not seeing a little white dude as McCall. But it was Denzel!

I kept expecting everything to be a background. Especially working for "Home Mart". A cover ID while he helped someone who contacted him. That was my mistake. Stop expecting the TV show I knew and go based on what was in the movie. Bad mistake.

Taken on its own as a "new" thing it was still damn good. For a rehashed thing. ;)

I loved the TV show. The whole redemption thing with McCall. His past and how it affected things,

And I loved the same things about this movie. But for different reasons. This McCall didn't take out an advertisement. He saw the people around him who needed help and tried to help them. That is an equalizer.

Which leads to an interesting question. In the TV series people came to him. In the movie he saw the people in need and went to them. Which is better?

For me, it worked. It had Denzel and it had an interesting plot. It works. (Even though I still expected some triple or quadruple layer of backup. And 3/4 of the way through I am still expecting it.) :)

So, this could be the prequel to the TV show. Regardless, I like it. Yeah, there is something to be said for the asshole getting it in the end. Prequel. Fuck yeah. :)

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